Friday, March 27, 2009

Welcome to the World Baby Jude!!

I'm so excited that the new addition to our family is here! He's so cute and looks so much like Penn, it's scary. I actually thought it was extra cool, because I wasn't around when Penn was born. Now, I can pretend I was!

Everything seemed to move pretty quickly. Kimberly went into the hospital and started being induced at around 6:30 this morning and delivered at 12:01. I hate to admit it, but she actually made it look pretty easy. Jude was 8lbs 1oz, 22 in long and most importantly...totally healthy! Such a cutie!

The bad news is that now that Kimberly is officially "out of work," it means I have to get on the ball and get to work starting Monday. I'm pretty nervous about the switch to 5th. I'm sure it will be a piece of cake...right...RIGHT????!!!!

Jac spent the day with the babysitter today and had a blast. Mrs. Gloria brought him and Penn to the hospital and Jac was wired! (but in a really good mood). I don't even think he noticed the baby until I started showing him Jude's crazy toes. Maybe this will be some good "big brother" practice for Jac, for future know? :)

We've really been working on his little fireball temper lately and I think we're maybe on the verge of improving. He'll scream and stomp for what he wants and I make him go sit in "time out" (wherever we're close it was the puppy At first he may try to escape, but when I sit him back down and tell him to stay hurts his feelings a little and he won't move after that. When he stops screaming (not necessarily crying) I go back and pick him up and do a little sweet talking and he sorta gets over it. We still have a long way to go and I'm pretty scared about what will happen when he becomes more verbal.

Cam has been doing pretty good lately. Not that I think he would be honest with me and tell me that he wasn't, (I can usually tell by the way he says "hello" what kind of day he's had) but now that we're 1 month down, we're both starting to see the teeny little light at the end of a very long, lonely, tunnel. Too bad I don't know a specific date to expect him home. I want to do a paper clip chain or something to give me some kind of visual of where we are, where we've been, and how much longer to go.

We're falling into a groove with our schedule a bit, but I'm sure it's all about to be overturned when I start work on Monday. Right now, he calls me on SKYPE around 3PM every day (his bedtime). We're going to try him calling around 11PM every week day (first thing in the morning his time) and normal times on the weekend. It's really sad, you know? Before I would get frustrated because I didn't feel like we got to spend much time together because of work, or different things coming up. Now, I realize how much I took for granted while he was here. I miss him so much, but at the same time, waiting on is call is the highlight of my day! Even though we only get to talk about 5 minutes, it's good to know he's OK . Plus, he never lets me wake up without an e-mail (and I try to do the same). Without e-mail, I'd never remember to tell him anything!
Before I go...I have to show off my little cutie! Here's a picture of him with G-ma's glasses and taking a nap on mom's bed. Anyway...I love my little guy!

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